• Supremacy in shipping and delivery
  • Excellent supply chain management
  • Strong strength in Logistics
Natural Bleach Earths offers a fully integrated logistics service. We have a full team of logistics professionals dedicated to transporting our products from the pit to our plants and to our customers premises.

Our industrial sites are all well served and connected by seaport, rail and road facilities and it is our objective to ensure that all our products reach their destination, in perfect condition, on time and in a cost effective manner.

Delivering Quality and Adding Value from End to End

At each step of the supply chain, we invest in people and technology to enhance quality, sustainability and value. These are delivered with one goal: to ensure value addition for the long-term growth and success for all our customers.

Comprising of 5 dimensions relevant to our Logistics business are
  • Sustainable long term supply
  • Quality Minerals
  • Efficiency in performance
  • Cost effective and on time delivery
  • Sustainable Operations and Excellent resources and technology