Feldspar play vital roles during firing as they are used as the main vitrifying or fluxing agent in ceramic bodies. Natural Bleach as the leader in industrial minerals, has unmatched mineralogical knowledge and can assist customers in ensuring that the proportions of feldspar in the body recipe are exactly right to avoid over vitrification during firing.

Feldspar Products we deal:

  • Potash Feldspar Powder 200 Mesh , specific grade if any .
  • Potash Feldspar Chips ( 0-5mm) – Standard & Premium Grade , specific size if any .
  • Potash Feldspar Premium Grade Lumps
  • Key properties

    Feldspar strengthen and ensure the durability of fired bodies. NBE ( Natural Bleach Earths) offer high potassium content with low iron and titanium, which are essential for whiteness and translucency. Through a stringent control of the production processes, NBE feldspars provide the tableware manufacturer with the assurance that the fusibility of the product satisfies technical requirements.
  • Exporting

    Currently, Natural Bleach Earths exports feldspar , all concerned raw materials for application of Ceramic Tiles, Wall Tiles, Sanitaryware , Tableware & Porcelain, supplying to South East Asian countries , Persian Gulf, Middle East, Oceania , Mediterranean and SAARC Countries.
  • Applications

    • Sanitary
    • Tableware
    • Tiles
    • Other Markets


Natural Bleach Earths is the reference partner for efficient sanitaryware production offering the largest product portfolio on the market: ball clay, chamotte, kaolin, feldspar, talc and prepared bodies for all sanitaryware applications.

Clients looking for high-quality sanitaryware can take advantage of the blends we have developed for the ever-changing production needs of casting performance, such as good rheology control, cast rate, mould release, firmness and resistance to cracking in sanitaryware manufacture.

Our integrated logistics network offers customers the benefits of reliable supply chain services.

NBE guarantees : Unrivalled Quality , Guaranteed consistency , Complete mineral range

NBE also provides specially engineered solutions to optimise the performance of the casting slips in automated processes

  • NBE also focus on the customer – focussed approach.
  • The range of services adapted to each customer’s requirement includes
    dedicated sales teams
  • Technical experts
  • Development partnership
  • Network of agents and distributors
  • Integrated logistics structure
  • Shipping management - samples and orders
  • Local storage terminals
  • Regional customer care teams


From mineral solutions to prepared bodies and glazes , NBE is a leading partner for porcelain, vitreous and bone china tableware manufacturers which includes :
  • High Quality Products
  • Laboratories & teams for tableware production
  • Tableware manufacturers benefit from our unique product range of ball clays, feldspars and transparent glazes.

NBE provide a full range of technical services designed to meet tableware manufacturers' demands for:

  • Reformulation
  • Ceramic evaluation
  • Physical measurements
  • Chemical analysis
  • Decoration test


Natural Bleach Earths Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading supplier of minerals for tile bodies, frits, glazes and englobes.

We have major ceramics technology which provide tile manufacturers with a variety of consistent blended minerals for super white, glazed and unglazed porcelain tiles.

We provide tile manufacturers with the best solutions adapted to their process Whiteness Enhancers: NBE have succesfully optimized the cost of producing super white bodies by reducing the zirconium content whilst maintaining a cohesive tile body. Ensures quality products for Quality tiles.

NBE ensures to match producers requirement such as

  • Plasticity enhancers
  • Whiteness enhancers
  • Glazes and englobes
  • Large and thin formats
  • High Fired Whiteness
  • Low Organic Content
  • Stable Fired Size
NBE successfully meeting the highest-level requirements of the tile industry. In the selection of minerals for processing, stable quality and consistency are of paramount importance.

Natural Bleach Earths is dedicated to the production of a diverse range of minerals for clients’ particular operational requirements like Frits & Glaze also along with the above minerals.

Devliery Packaging:

  • 1.2 MT Jumbo Bags
  • 1.25 MT Jumbo Bags
  • 50 KG Small Bags
  • 40 KG Small Bags
  • 25 KG Small Bags