Bleaching earth, a highly effective adsorbent essential in the refining process for the purification and decolourisation of oils
Our Natural Bleach Group’s core product is Bleaching Earth, a highly effective adsorbent essential in the refining process for the purification and decolourisation of edible and non-edible oils.

Natural Bleach range of Bleaching Earth are manufactured and sold under the trademark.

Bleaching Earth is world renowned for its consistency in quality, performance and efficiency in meeting even the most demanding refining requirements. Our portfolio of international clients constitutes some of the largest and most reputable edible oil businesses in the world.

Best of all, Bleaching Earth offers our customers the lowest total cost of ownership, because it works harder and more effectively for you.


Natural Bleach Earths : Calcium Bentonite ( Formerly known as Attapulgite )

Chemical Composition
SiO2 45 - 55
Al2O3 10 – 20
Fe2O3 2 – 10
MgO 0 – 5
CaO 0 – 8
Na2O 0 – 1
K2O 0 – 1
Notes: Analysis may vary with bleaching earth source and is quoted as % dry weight. Elements present in the bleaching earth have been expressed as their oxides.
Physical & Chemical Properties
Appearance Free flowing powder Odour Odourless pH Alkalined
Boiling Point N/A Melting Point N/A Flash Point N/A
Flammability Not flammable Explosive Properties Non-explosive Oxidizing Properties None
Vapour Pressure N/A Relative Density 500 – 1000kg/m3 Solubility Negligible solubility in
water, solvents or oil
  • Applications

    Selection of bleaching earth is dependent on the type of edible oil refined, quality of the edible oil feedstock, the refining process and the desired quality of the refined oil. Correct selection of fit for purpose bleaching earth also plays a role in maximizing a refinery’s full potential capabilities. In addition to working with customers, we also listen and learn from process technology suppliers on the developments in their respective areas of expertise. This allows us to develop new products that work seamlessly with new process technology.
  • Edible Oils and Fats

    Edible Oils, which have triglyceride composition rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, make the oils extremely sensitive to oxidate damage and quality deterioration. The oxidation process eventually leads to colour darkening and off-flavour, which in an advanced stage will cause the oil to go rancid, causing an unpleasant odour/flavour. In view of refined edible oils and fats forming an important part of everyone’s diet, bleaching earth are utilized to adsorb various impurities from oils and fats. This imparts better stability to the oils and fats, which means that they have longer shelf life. Most important of all, we believe the quality does not stop at your factory but goes all the way to the dining table.
  • Delivery options

    • 25 kg bags
    • 1000 kg Jumbo Bags
    • 1200 kg Jumbo Bags


Having direct control over our supply chain improves our management of product consistency. We have control over our supply chain starting from our mining operations until product distribution. Besides managing consistency of our raw materials, our investment in raw materials also assures us sustainable supply of raw materials.

Continuous investment in process improvement and capacity expansion enable us to consistently meet our customers’ expectations and prepares us to anticipate the growth in the vegetable oils industry.

Compliance with statutory and civil safety, health and safety regulations at all our manufacturing plants assure uninterrupted production and supply of Natural bleaching earth to our customers.

Natural bleaching earth deliveries in bulk are carried by competent drivers trained in the responsible carriage and handling of bleaching earth. Our product traceability system tracks products that are packed in both bags and in bulk. The product traceability lot number appears in the certificate of analysis that accompanies each product delivery.

We have sales teams in all our core markets. In addition to our own sales teams, we work with a network of highly professional distributors and agents in our overseas markets.

Our sales efforts are supported by a team of product specialists and another team of product application specialists. While the product specialist is an expert in the science of bleaching earth, the product application specialist assists in correct selection of Natural bleaching earth that is fit for purpose.

  • We are committed to keep our environment clean, safe and healthy.
  • We promote greater environmental awareness in our daily activities.
  • Preservation of the environment is the responsibility of every employee.
  • We are committed to take great care of nature for the well being of the world.


The Group adheres faithfully to strict quality controls reinforced by the awareness that a substantial portion of its products are used in the refining of oils for human consumption.

Quality control measures, beginning from the extraction of raw materials up to the delivery of the finished products to customers, are implemented and monitored closely by the Natural Group’s Product Assurance Team.

Testing is carried out by the Natural Group’s in-house laboratories on every batch produced for bleaching performance, speed of filtration, residual acidity, moisture content, apparent density and particle size. Samples are also regularly sent out to independent laboratories to verify the accuracy of in-house tests.

External testing is carried out to determine the dioxin, Benzo-a-pyrene, Lead, Cadmium and Mercury content to comply with the European Union FEDIOL code of practice for the purchase of fresh bleaching earth for oil refining.


Our customers expect smooth refining operations at the lowest total refining costs when using Taiko bleaching earth. By listening and working closely with our customers, we have managed to consistently deliver this expectation to our customers. Through product research and development, customers using Taiko bleaching earth are enjoying longer filter cycles, lower utilities consumption, lower total refining losses, less maintenance downtimes and improved utilization of resources. Growing up in the highly efficient and competitive palm oil industry has made us understand and appreciate the true meaning of total value.